Standard Process

Standard Process:

Standard Process® is a trusted herb and supplement company that Select Wellness Center utilizes to provide patients with the nutrition their bodies need. It is easy to find chemical based vitamins and minerals on today’s shopping shelves, but an all natural, whole food based product, is very difficult to find. The founder of Standard Process® believed that good nutrition and the best nutrients come from whole foods.

Dr. Kiefer has had the opportunity to visit the Standard Process® organic farms and immaculate processing factories of Standard Process®. “I was quite impressed with the entire location, and trust that my patients are receiving the best product available today.”-Dr. Monica Kiefer


While we carry Standard Process products, neither Select Wellness Center, LLC nor any third party associated with, related to, or linked to Select Wellness Center, LLC’s business or website is in any way affiliated with Standard Process Inc.® Standard Process expressly disclaims any responsibility for, and makes no representations or warranties regarding, any statement, information, materials, or content found on or included in Select Wellness Center’s marketing materials/website, or any third party marketing materials/websites related to, associated with or linked to Select Wellness Center’s business or website. Standard Process products are dietary supplements and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.