Shape ReClaimed

Shape ReClaimed

Many patients today struggle with weight loss and its associated health issues. For those patients who have tried it all and have been unsuccessful, I am confident and proud to introduce to you SHAPE ReClaimed.

Shape Reclaimed is a physician supervised, natural anti-inflammatory weight loss program designed to reset your metabolism and regain your shape again. The patient is personally responsible to incorporate positive lifestyle choices (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally) for long-term success.

The three goals throughout SHAPE protocol include:

  1. Lose weight, decrease inflammation, improve immune system
  2. Reset/ repair/ increase base metabolism
  3. Implement a sound foundation for your future healthy lifestyle

SHAPE works to break down abnormally stored fat, and uses it for calorie value. It helps to protect your body’s structural and protective fat, which are necessary and normal for daily function.

This program provides patients the comfort of being monitored by a physician, a diet full of natural foods, an exercise routine that easily fits into a very busy schedule and the proper education to continue a healthy lifestyle after goals have been met.

The creators of SHAPE Reclaimed have seen, “… high blood pressure drop, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides drop, blood sugar numbers improve, joint pain decreasing, cognitive improvement, and most of all resounding joy overflowing for all those who have struggled for years with the battle of the bulge.” 1