New Patients

What to expect on your first visit!

Initial visit:

Please arrive to Select Wellness Center 10 to 15 minutes early to your first appointment for required paperwork. (Download and fill out ahead of time!) Once all of your information is complete a chiropractic assistant will assist you back to the examination room. There, Dr. Kiefer will begin your consultation by discussing your health history and current symptoms. With your consent, she will begin your physical examination. Upon completion of your exam Dr. Kiefer may request additional information through x-rays, blood work or a nutritional evaluation. This information will need to be completed outside of Select Wellness Center. Typically a patient will be treated at the initial visit to help relieve acute pain, but may not be adjusted until further testing is complete.

New Patient Documentation


Follow up visit:

At this time Dr. Kiefer will have evaluated your current medical information and has developed a recommended treatment plan specifically for you. After explaining your review of findings, if you approve of Dr. Kiefer’s treatment plan, your care will begin today!