Pregnancy & Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy & Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care Can Be Quite Helpful!

Besides helping to relieve the discomfort many expectant mothers experience, chiropractic care helps normalize skeletal, muscular and nervous system function. This is a vital component of overall good health.

The benefits of chiropractic care may also be noticed during delivery. Many pregnant chiropractic patients report that their deliveries were faster and more comfortable than their deliveries prior to chiropractic care!

In addition, proper nutrition is unique to every pregnancy and offering a natural supply of vitamins and minerals will improve the health of both the mother and child.
Dr. Kiefer will take special precautions with you during your pregnancy.

Modifications to the table or adjusting techniques are made during each stage of pregnancy. Your chiropractor is a specialist in the location, reduction and stabilization of the vertebral complex, which can be related to many of the uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy and labor.

Webster Technique

This unique technique balances the pelvis properly, while also reducing the stress to the ligaments that support the uterus, more specifically the round ligaments. This is especially important for breech babies, or those pregnant mothers who feel a pulling sensation or tension causing sharp, spastic pains that will restrict the space in which the baby has to maneuver within the womb. It is this restriction of movement that can cause a breech position near the end of the pregnancy.